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Your Local Ninja: NinJaleesa

Meet NinJaleesa Himka
Meet NinJaleesa Himka

How a Local Teen Became an "American Ninja Warrior"

by: Dr. Grove Higgins

At NeuroAthlete, we are honored to be part of the lives and dreams of many outstanding individuals. One such person who has inspired us all is Jaleesa Himka, a 15-year-old Colorado Springs teen who has risen to fame on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior." Her story is one of determination, resilience, and a commitment to excellence – perfectly aligning with our mission to help patients surpass their perceived potential.

A Connection Beyond the Clinic

"Ninja Chef" Jaleesa
Already Lean & Mean at 10!

I've had the privilege of working with Jaleesa as her chiropractor since her elementary school days. What began as routine chiropractic care blossomed into witnessing a young girl's transformation into an extraordinary athlete, advocate, and role model for youth and adult athletes alike.

Blame Mom: Competitive Journey Through Obstacles

Jaleesa's mom started it all. Suzanne Himka, affectionately known as the "Ninja Granny Beast," is a force of nature in the world of competitive sports. From winning titles in gymnastics, bodybuilding, and various Ninja Challenges to becoming the FINA World Ninja Champion in the Masters Division, she embodies the spirit of competition. Her passion for health and fitness is lifelong.

In 1994, she potentially caught the obstacle race bug with TV's "American Gladiators." Since then, Suzanne's accomplishments have been nothing short of extraordinary. She now trains competitive athletes in ninja sports through her business Ninja Fit, summer camps (Warriors On A Mission), and owns Lost Island Warrior indoor gym. Her deep commitment to inspiring others to reach their highest potential may have been where Jaleesa got her inspiration.

The Making of a Ninja Warrior: No one does it alone!

Family that races together...
Muddy Ninja Granny and Ninjaleesa

Jaleesa, or "Ninjaleesa" as she is affectionately known, began her journey into athletics at the age of six. With her father building ninja courses and her mother, Suzanne, instructing obstacle course athletics and running a ninja summer camp, it was clear that Jaleesa's path was destined for greatness.

Her relentless training and keen understanding of movement allowed her to advance to the Las Vegas finals in the newest "American Ninja Warrior season." Her victory against legendary ninja Jessie Graff showcases her talent, character, humbleness, and respect for the sport.

A Role Model for All

Jaleesa's achievements extend beyond the obstacle course. She is committed to promoting athletics in youth and girls, something we wholeheartedly support at NeuroAthlete Chiro. Her humble attitude and principled approach to life embody the values we hope to see in young athletes nationwide.

Join Us in Supporting Jaleesa

We invite you to be part of Jaleesa's exciting journey. You can best support her by following her on Facebook and Instagram and reading more about her achievements in this Colorado Springs Gazette article. Please share this blog with friends, family, and everyone online so we can get her story out there!

We are incredibly proud to have played a small role in Jaleesa's growth as an athlete and a young woman. Her story reaffirms our belief that anyone can achieve their dreams with the right guidance and dedication.

Let's make American Ninja Jaleesa Himka the next big thing in women's sports. Let's support this deserving and principled young athlete. America (and the world) needs her!

Ninja NinJaleesa


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