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Garden of the Gods

While the Garden of the Gods is a popular Colorado Springs destination, it is also worth considering the park's many other attractions. The Garden of the Gods Visitor & Nature Center is a free stop that provides free maps of the park. You can also get information about the exhibits inside the center, as well as purchase a souvenir or two. The visitor center also offers a gift shop and information about how to climb the spires. It is located in Colorado Springs, CO 80904.

The Garden of the Gods offers more than 15 miles of hiking trails. Hiking in the park is an ideal way to experience the breathtaking views and acclimate yourself to the altitude and terrain. The trail includes the Ridge Trail, Ute and Palmer trails, as well as the Siamese Twins and Susan G. Bretag trails. It is also prohibited to photograph in the Garden of the Gods unless you have a permit.


Red Rock Canyon Park is another popular attraction in the Garden of the Gods, which spans 787 acres. The park narrowly avoided being turned into apartments or golf courses, and it remains a popular destination for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The park is home to more than 80 bolted climbs. You must sign up to climb the Rock, so make sure to plan a day in advance! If you have time, you can also take guided hikes from the

nature center.

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The Garden of the Gods is a popular public park in Colorado Springs. Several Native tribes visited the area and built homes nearby. In 1879, Perkins decided to leave the park in its natural state rather than build homes. While there, he opted to lay down his weapons when entering the park. The Ute are the only tribe in North America to not have travel stories. The Garden of the Gods is a popular destination for hiking and mountain biking, and it's a great family attraction as well.


If you're looking for a quieter walk, try the Scotsman Trail. This less-frequented trail offers beautiful views of Pikes Peak Mountain. However, keep in mind that this trail is sometimes used by horseback riders who are visiting the Garden of the Gods. So, be aware that horse manure may be present in the area. After you finish your hike, head back to the Garden of the Gods Visitor Center, where there are bathrooms.


If you love nature and hiking, you can enjoy the stunning landscape of the Garden of the Gods. This natural park is a must-see spot in the Pikes Peak Region. It is located approximately an hour and a half drive from Denver. While you may find yourself driving through the park during the summer, winter will give you the same stunning views with half the foot traffic. It's free, so make sure to check it out during a visit.

While you're in the Garden of the Gods National Park, there's a coffee shop in town that will keep you going all day. The PikeRide bicycle-share system makes it easy to get around on two wheels, and there's plenty of room for window-shopping. Another former school has been turned into a community market. It features a Bristol Brewery, live music, and a deli. There's also a great market at the Lincoln Center, which features a deli, a bakery, and Goat Patch Brewing. And there's a food truck or two in the parking lot.

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