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Welcome to NeuroAthlete Clinic. We feel privileged that you chose us to help you. Whether you have pain, dysfunction, or simply want help getting more out of your life, we promise to commit our full attention and best effort towards you and your goals.


If you have not scheduled yet, please click on this link to schedule an appointment:

If you have already made an appointment you will receive a link after your first visit, which will allow you to schedule and reschedule yourself, as needed. Or you can give us a call and we’ll get you scheduled!

We offer two options for scheduling:

Give us a call at 719-225-4949 OR Schedule yourself through the link you received in your welcome email.


No matter which option you choose, both are always available to you!


Once you schedule, you will receive an email with patient paperwork. The more information you can provide us, the better able we will be to help you. Please complete the paperwork and return it to us using any of the following convenient links.

If you have any documents, images, or reports that may be helpful to our practitioners, please use the following links to send them to us.  If you do not have any, no problem. Just make sure you fill out the paperwork with the best information you can to accelerate getting to the heart of your visit with us.


Examples: Images from Xrays, MRI, or other imaging. Doctors’ notes, accident reports, or videos of your activity of interest we will be helping you with. 


Please return the document to us either in person or use the email, fax with the links provided below.



FAX: 719-225-4930


The first visit is probably the most crucial visit to get you results fast and efficiently. Please come dressed to move and potentially exercise. If your reason for seeing us is tied to an activity you do, please bring clothing/shoes that you can use to demonstrate that activity. 

  • DO wear running shoes and shorts, Olympic lifting shoes, tennis shoes and racquet, bring pickleball paddle and court shoes, golf shoes and a club, etc.

  • DO NOT dress in restrictive clothing that makes assessment or activity difficult. It is also advised to not wear clothing that requires constant adjustments to maintain your comfort while allowing good movement, (too short shorts or loose around legs and chest) See pictures for suggestions or ask about appropriate attire for your situation when scheduling.



We work for you, not the insurance company! We dedicate more time to you to reduce the number of visits and get results quickly. Thus, WE DO NOT TAKE OR BILL INSURANCE FOR SERVICES PROVIDED

Instead, we take great pride in providing excellent health care. We believe in taking the time to listen and form a unique partnership with every one of our patients/clients—you are not just a number to us! We dedicate our full attention to each patient and even go to lengths to provide service to our patients outside of therapy, rehabilitative, and training sessions.  It's the best way to address and improve your health concerns!

Even though we do not accept any health insurance, upon request, we can provide the proper documentation to help you file for reimbursement on most health plans. However, you should leverage the benefits you own for you and your family's best interests. This includes seeking reimbursement, proper use of Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), and satisfying your deductibles. We are happy to help guide you through this process.

Come and talk with us. Let's discuss the care you need, not just the care that big insurance companies are willing to pay for. We will not allow the insurance company to interfere with the medical decisions that affect you and the care we provide you.

If you are having difficulty affording care at our facility, please speak with us.


To understand the actual cost of healthcare, here is a link to an interesting site with additional information: 


We are dedicated to helping keep those who make America great, healthy, and safe. Please let us know if you are a military service member, police, fire, or teacher (0-12grade). We would like to extend our gratitude for your service and encourage your vocation through a discount for your care.


Still, have questions or concerns? Please use this form to ask us any questions you may still have, or feel free to email or call the office to talk with one of us directly.

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