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Why Monument, Colorado Is A Great Place To Live

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

El Paso County and its surrounding neighborhood have been one of Colorado's fastest-growing areas in terms of the size of the population. A significant number of individuals are moving from foreign urban areas to begin a new life with affordable cost of living, welcoming environment of western towns, and surrounded by the innate beauty of nature. Monument, Colorado is more than a stop on the road in the middle of Denver and The Springs. Monument offers a welcoming change to those who seek safer and smaller communities with a spare room to enjoy life and grow. Here are some of the reasons why the serene town of Monument, Colorado is a great place to live.

Access to Both The Springs and Denver

Living in Monument, Colorado means you get to enjoy life in a small town without the emotional state of being isolated. Denver, the largest metropolitan area of Colorado, is located just north. Attractions include the Denver mansion of Molly Brown, the famous survivor of Titanic, and the Denver Art Museum which celebrates indigenous art. The Denver Performing Arts Complex holds numerous events from Jerry Seinfeld to the Nutcracker. The Springs, to the south, offers its famous microbreweries and sports attractions. The United States Air Force Academy hosts Thunderbird Shows at each academy event. Also houses one of the three national Olympic Training Centers, the enthusiasm for sports of the city is intoxicating.

Natural Beauty

The two namesakes of Monument make awesome weekend destinations. A beautiful viewpoint, Monument Rock, is located just west of Monument, Colorado and Monument creek flows near the town. To the east and north, wander through the scenic Black Forest with its impressive Ponderosa Pines. Monument's homeowners get to savor less traffic and a close-knit community atmosphere on a daily basis. Most individuals are drawn to these circumstances as a result of the pandemic and the need to escape the congested cities like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. With the mountains that provide a grand backdrop, the area of Monument is blessed with stunning landscapes perfect for building custom homes.

A Community of Local Culture and Small Business

Monument, Colorado is home to several small businesses. What gives it a lively local culture are the local boutiques, restaurants, and galleries scattered around the town. In summer, locals and tourists get to enjoy various art activities and concerts in the park. While in winter, the Holiday Open House which happens annually welcomes the season with their historic downtown shops' sales promotions. It is also easy enough to travel to one of the larger cities for running errands, enjoying some nightlife, visiting extensively acclaimed attractions, or work.

Pike National Forest

Colorado living most likely convey the love for the great outdoors, especially the mountains. Mountain biking, hiking, and rock climbing are favored weekend ventures with Pike National Forest just to the town's west. Outdoor adventures are accessible any time of the year. Spend a long weekend by renting a cabin and relish the charm of Colorado's landscape. Include all seven peaks of the 14,000 ft mountain on your bucket list to keep you busy for quite a while during your stay in the town. These opportunities and more lay just outside Monument residence if you set to make a move.

Plenty of Outdoor Recreation and Sports

A variety of outdoor activities can be experienced thanks to four distinct seasons of Colorado, including the cozy warmth of summer and snow during winter. Monument Lakes are handily accessible recreation spots for picnicking, hiking, and fishing. For biking, you can pedal the historical Santa Fe Trail down the Colorado Springs. For the avid golfer, visit the dozens of golf courses which include the Woodmoor Country Club and King's Deer Gold Club. The Dirty Woman Creek Park and the Garden of Gods are amongst the best parks you can visit while in Monument, Colorado. Monument is also located hours away from Frisco, Vail, Breckenridge, and other historic towns at the Rocky Mountains' base which are popular for their seasonal alpine activities and world-class ski resorts. These are just some of the countless evening or weekend fun activities that you can experience and enjoy in or around Monument, Colorado.



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