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Can Chiropractic Care Improve Sleep?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Up to 30% of people will be dealing with sleep problems at any one time. Sleep problems don't just make you feel tired, but they can also have a detrimental effect on your health. Curing these issues can be difficult as it can be hard to pinpoint the exact source where the sleep problems are stemming from. A chiropractor can help to alleviate sleep issues and get you the rest that you have been searching for.

Sleep problems

The most common type of sleep problem is insomnia. This is when it is difficult to get to sleep and to stay asleep. Insomnia can be more likely due to certain lifestyle behaviors, such as:

  • looking at screens within an hour of bedtime

  • heavy exercise close to bedtime

  • eating a big meal close to bedtime

  • anxiety, worrying, and stress

  • an uncomfortable sleep environment

  • drinking alcohol

  • drinking caffeine after lunchtime

  • chronic pain

How a chiropractor can help improve your sleep

Many people want to avoid using sleep medications because their side effects can be unpleasant and they have the potential to be addictive. A chiropractor can help by giving you natural remedies that can help improve your sleep without any side effects.

Pain reduction

Poor sleep and pain go hand in hand. Chronic pain can trigger insomnia and, conversely, lack of sleep can cause chronic pain. The problem can, therefore, become compounded and be hard to break out of. By treating your chronic pain, a chiropractor can break that cycle between pain and sleep problems and help you to have a good night's rest.


Chiropractic massage and stretching can help to reduce muscle tension and trigger relaxation. This can help you to control the tension and worry that can prevent you from getting to sleep. As with pain, once you start to get more rest, you will start to feel less tension and stop affecting your sleep on its own.

Sleep advice

A chiropractor is qualified to give advice on how to get a better night's sleep, including what improvements to make to your sleep environment and your lifestyle. They can also suggest, where appropriate, the use of a chiropractic pillow or special mattress to help you be supported and comfortable enough to sleep well.


While heavy exercise close to bedtime can trigger insomnia, regular exercise earlier in the day can do wonders for helping you get to sleep and stay asleep. A chiropractor can give you exercise advice and develop an exercise program that works for you and helps your body to relax enough to get to sleep.

If you are dealing with sleep problems, it can impact every aspect of your life. From your work to your relationships and your ability to enjoy your leisure time. Seeing a chiropractor can help to alleviate your sleep problems using a variety of techniques that can help you to get a good night's rest so that you can live a happier and healthier life. And without the side effects associated with other sleep treatments.

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