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Part 1/3: Why Fasting Can Be Your New Superpower

By Grove Higgins D.C.

Have you ever thought about skipping meals on purpose? I know it sounds strange, but there’s a thing called fasting, and it might just be your new best friend. In today’s post, we'll explore why fasting can benefit you.

FEATING and Fasting
FEASTING and Fasting

Why Would Anyone Skip Meals? The Rationale Behind Fasting

First, fasting isn't about starving. It's more like giving your digestive system a mini vacation. When you're not constantly digesting food, your body can focus on other essential tasks like repair and detoxification. Plus, it will help you control cravings and re-form eating habits. Sounds cool, right?

The Science Made Simple: What Happens When You Fast

When you fast, your body goes through a couple of phases. It’s like a makeover for your insides.

  • Phase 1: Sugar Burn In the first few hours of fasting, your body uses up the sugar (glucose) in your blood. Glucose is your body's go-to for quick energy. So, it's like burning off that morning bagel or your late-night snack. (Harvard)

  • Phase 2: Fat-Burning Fiesta After the sugar is gone, your body still needs fuel. So, it heads over to your fat stores. Fat is your body’s "storage room," and start burning fat for energy. This is a thumbs-up for anyone looking to lose a little weight. (Mayo)

  • Phase 3: Brain Boost The fat being burned creates ketones. Imagine ketones as the espresso shot for your brain. They can help you think more clearly and boost your mood. Have you ever wished for better focus? Ketones might be your answer. (WebMD)

  • Phase 4: Cleaning Crew Lastly, fasting puts your cells into cleaning mode; a process called autophagy. Imagine little cleaning crews inside your cells throwing out damaged parts. This is important because it helps keep your cells young and functioning well. Fasting has been linked to reducing tumors and even curing cancer! (NIH)

So, in a nutshell, fasting is like hitting the "reset" button for your body. Your system takes a break from digestion and focuses on burning fat, sharpening your brain, and tidying up your cells. Who wouldn't want that?

Potential Benefits: What’s In It for Me?

  • Weight loss: Shed some weight and feel great!

  • Mental clarity: Feel more focused and alert.

  • Energy: Experience more vitality.

Real People, Real Results

Sarah was skeptical, too, but after fasting, she felt more energetic and focused at work. John lost 10 pounds and feels 20 years younger. These are real folks who found something that worked for them. You can, too!

Practical Steps: Your First Baby Steps Toward Fasting

  1. Consult a Physician: Always talk to a healthcare provider if you're considering trying a new health regimen. This is especially true if you know you have a chronic health condition like diabetes, hypoglycemia, or other disease.

  2. Start Small: Try skipping breakfast once a week and see how you feel.

  3. Listen to Your Body: If you feel dizzy or unwell, it’s okay to stop and try another time.

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There’s no rush to jump into fasting. It is important to know what you’re getting into and why it might be beneficial. Next time, we’ll talk about some myths and misconceptions to steer clear of.

So, are you curious? GOOD!

Remember, we're not diving in yet; we're just testing the waters. Stay tuned for Part 2!

If you found this post helpful, subscribe for more insights, and maybe even share it with a friend who might find it useful. Until next time, be well and stay awesome!



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