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Greetings and Goals

New Year's Greetings from Neuroathlete

By: Dr. Grove Higgins

A little video inspiration - If you weep a little, it just means you are human!:

In German: "So that you can focus on what really matters in life."

What really matters to you? To be out of pain or to be able to move well is only part of the reason that people come to us at NeuroAthlete. The reality is that there are more important things in life and pain and dysfunction get in the way of what we really live for.

Goals are important to success in all that we do here at NeuroAthlete. Maybe you have noticed that we are constantly asking not just, "How are you doing?" but we want to know WHAT you are doing! All of us feel like the grandfather in the video at one time or another---broken down, weak, old... But, when a motivating goal is identified, everything changes. What really matters to you?

We are grateful that you chose us to help you pursue your particular goal. We are equally grateful to have been able to help some of you to identify your reason. And we are so grateful for to opportunity to help others of you realize there can BE a reason to pursue increased performance in your life, eliminate pain, and achieve new heights.

You have invited us into your lives at many levels; celebrating achievements, babies being born, academic and athletic success, retirements, and walking with you through health crises, car crashes, falls and spills, and more. As the end of the year approaches, we want to say


We hope you will check in, whether you need us in 2024 or not. Please know that we at NeuroAthlete are here for you.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Joy to You and Yours!
From Doc, Pat, Mary, and Cheryl

Here is one more sweet video to remind us that making and sharing memories and lovingly engaging with the people around us are some of the "more important things" that really matter!

Give yourself a gift this new year. Make a goal and let us know what it is!

(Greetings and Goals)


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