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November 15th - Online
Unraveling the Web of Chronic Pain LIVE TRAINING with
Coach Pat Marques and Kimsey Self

Chronic pain is becoming an epidemic, with millions of people suffering with pain so severe that it restricts many of their daily life activities.

Oftentimes, the only "solution" is pain medication, which as many quickly learn, come with side effects of their own.

However, pain leaves a trail: Through combining nervous system and metabolic work to address the root causes, pain CAN be healed... without medication.

Join us Monday, November 15th at 11am MST as performance and pain expert Pat Marques and I talk about our respective approaches to healing chronic pain. We will cover how pain is ALWAYS rooted in the nervous system, the connection to systemic inflammation, and so much more.

Special gift for attendees!

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November 16th - @NA Clinic and Online
Breath, Connect, Control

Laugh, Learn, and take control with the help of Women's Health Coach Mary Wilson. Join Mary as she reveals the secrets of how busy modern women can use the power of their own bodies through breathing, core control, and pelvic floor awareness. So many women have issues from chronic pain to embarrassing urinary control, poor gut function, and uncomfortable intimacy. However, women can take control, and Mary is here to help. Join other women at this ladies' night at the Neuroathlete Clinic or online. Grab your favorite wine and listen, learn, and do as Mary teaches you the essentials and get results.

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