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Unity in Motion (Horse and Cowgirl Riders)

Updated: Jul 2

Dr. Gary Wood’s Workshop at Summer Christian Cowgirl Camp

This July, amidst the serene landscapes of Snow Creek Ranch near Spruce Mountain in Larkspur, Colorado, an exceptional event will take place at the Christian Cowgirl Camp. Our very own Dr. Gary Wood, a renowned Equine (Horse) Chiropractor, will share his expertise with the girls on July 22nd, 2024, enriching the camp experience with his knowledge of equine health.

Christian Cowgirl Camp, led by the passionate Bethany Kopriva, began with a vision in 2015 to share the joys of horsemanship with young girls who might not otherwise have such an opportunity. Founded on the principles of compassion, capability, confidence, and contentment, the camp uses horsemanship to foster these characteristics, deeply rooted in Christian values. Staff and horses are volunteers dedicated to sharing Christ’s love through this unique equestrian program.

Dr. Wood's participation this year brings a significant enhancement to the camp. His workshop will delve into the intricate bond between the rider and the horse, highlighting how they function as a single, harmonious entity. Through hands-on demonstrations and thought-provoking conversations, he will delve into the biomechanics of equine movement and the pivotal role of chiropractic care in elevating this symbiotic relationship. Participants will gain insights into how correct alignment and movement can prevent injuries and boost performance, fostering a deeper connection between horse and rider.

Located at the picturesque Snow Creek Ranch, the event promises to be a blend of scenic beauty, learning, and spiritual growth. It will be an ideal setting for imparting valuable life lessons that combine faith, responsibility, and the nurturing of both human and animal well-being.

For more details about the camp and how to participate in this enriching experience, visit Christian Cowgirl Camp. Join us to experience the transformative power of caring for God's creatures alongside developing strong, confident young women.

We look forward to this educational and inspiring session with Dr. Wood, and we hope it will ignite a passion for equine care and a deeper understanding of the rider-horse connection among all their campers.

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