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Corporate Consulting

Serving the people of the Monument, Colorado area with Corporate Consulting. Become a patient today. 

Beyond Treating the Problem

Starting in 2006, as an Active Release Techniques Elite Provider and Corporate Solutions contractor, Dr. Higgins provided hands-on services for companies to directly address repetitive strain injuries. Dr. Higgins is also an expert resource for when ergonomic and environmental investments have failed to provide results.


Case Study #1

In 2007, Dr. Higgins was working with an Ingersoll Rand subsidiary, when he began to notice an abrupt change in cumulative-oriented issues reporting frequency and patterns. He was able to connect product line changes and uncertainty of jobs to the new reporting patterns. Dr Higgins related this to the human resources director, expressing the increase possibilities of recordables correlating with employee morale, which resulted in an immediate outreach from the administration to improve the work environment.


Case Study #2

In 2009, Dr. Higgins identified a systemic issue with employees in a large manufacturing company. A class of employees were experiencing significant rates of injury, which were likely to progress to a carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosis. Carpal Tunnel diagnosis has an average cost of $40,000 per case. Following careful analysis of workers during their shift, Dr. Higgins initiated a study which implemented a $3/employee “fix” resulting in a near 90% reduction in incidents.

The Process

Engagement with Dr. Higgins is simple and he can help you and your team identify the most immediate needs and the best long-term goals to help you improve employee working health. This can fall into one or more of several domains.

  1. Direct soft tissue management of repetitive motion complaints. This can take the form of direct engagement with employees with hands on service or Dr. Higgins can help you find a qualified provider.

  2. Provide individual or class of employee assessment of work environment and individual biomechanical engagement. This can result in finding solutions for ergonomically-driven issues but also help identify employee behaviors that predispose them to injury despite best ergonomic implementations.

  3. Development of corporate practices and programs that are targeted to your unique cultures and work activities. This could be in the form of health initiatives, group trainings, education, or other activities that increase employee engagement of solutions.

Dr. Higgins is available for free consultation. Don’t delay in starting the conversation; it could save your company lost revenue, but most importantly, improve employee health, satisfaction, and productivity.


Corporate Consulting

Corporations in the early 2000’s reported losses of $17 billion to $20 billion a year due to recorded musculoskeletal injuries. Repetitive Strain/Stress Injuries comprise the majority of these recordable injuries and affect millions of employees. The cost to deal with these injuries reach upwards of $50 billion every year.

This is a problem that affects every work environment, from blue collar to white and big businesses to small. Dr. Grove Higgins has been an active consultant to corporations for over 13 years and has successfully helped several large and medium-sized manufacturing companies including SCI Sanmina and Ingersoll Rand.

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Alejandro Toutparfait

5 Star Reviews 1

Team NeuroAthlete really knows what they are doing. They played a huge part in helping me come back as fighter and athlete, bulletproofing my knees.
Thank you Dr Higgins, thank you Coach Peter for your dedicated work!

Thomas O'Connor

5 Star Reviews 2

i have been a patient with Dr Higgins for a long time. Over the years, he and his clinic has helped me better than any other provider I have used. He seems to find my problems right away and put me on the best path for recovery. Grove and his staff are the best!!!!

Scott McKay

5 Star Reviews 3

Dr. Higgins and Pat are amazing. If you have pain or mobility issues they are the right people to get you moving again. My wife and I have both been seeing them for over two years and we are both in better shape and living pain free because of their care. They are phenomenal!!

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